Training Locations


  • Make sure to use any Runes you may come across as they increase EXP gains by 100% when used
  • Look for channels with high a Burning Stage as that can increase EXP gains up to 100%
  • Make sure to use any EXP coupons you may have. You get free ones from enrolling your Character into a Part-Time Job.
  • Kishin Shoukan is very helpful as it increases mobs spawn and decrease their spawn time.


Lvl 1 – 30: Golem’s Temple

Screenshot (98)

Located near Henesys. Kill Stone Golems until you are lvl 10.The proceed  to the middle portal and kill the Flaming Mixed Golems until lvl 30.


 Lvl 30 – 50: Gold Beach

Screenshot (68)

You can either complete the questline and that should get you to 50 or train at Gold beach Seaside 2. To reach this location either use your maple guide or find Arwin at the Six Path Crossway and he will take you here.


Lvl 50 – 60: Riena Strait

Screenshot (69)

Start the questline and complete it until you have access to the flat map with Possibly-Evil Seals. Train there until lvl 60. You can get to Riena Strait from the maple guide.


Lvl 50 – 60:Wild Boar Land


An alternative location to train if you don’t like quests.


Lvl 60 – 80: Silent Swamp

Screenshot (97)

This area is foumd right next to Sleepywood. Drakes here spawn frequently.

Lvl 80 – 90: Ice Valley II


Once you hit lvl 80, the maple guide can be used to teleport you here.



Lvl 90 – 100: Sahel 2

Screenshot (84)

Located near Magatia. Nice flat map with a decent spawn of Sand Rats and Scorpions. The top left portal can also be trained at.


Lvl 100 – 120: Normal Zakum

Screenshot (102)

Make sure to kill his arms first as they also give exp. Shouldn’t be too hard of a fight since he has low HP. Zakum is located in El Nath.


Lvl 105 – 200: Monster Park


Great amounts of exp can be gained here as a supplement to grinding. Can only be entered up to 7 times a day. You are given 2 free tickets daily, the other 5 have to be bought in the Cash Shop with reward points.


Lvl 110 – 125: Toy Factory <Apparatus Room>

Screenshot (93)

Robos and Master Robos are located here. This map can be found in Ludibrium or otherwise through the maple guide.


Lvl 125 – 160: Black Mountain Entrance

Screenshot (92)

Right next to Korean Folk Town, Moon Bunnies spawn here at an incredible rate.


Lvl 140 – 160: Goblin House


The last map in Korean Folk Town. It is a pretty small map making mobbing easy.


Lvl 160 -180: Road to Oblivion 4

Screenshot (90)

Located deep within the Temple of Time. Chief Oblivion Guardians can be found here. For this I recommend a party to maximize EXP.


Lvl 180 – 185: Hall of Honor

Screenshot (94)
Found near Future Henesys. This map has a low spawn rate but the mobs give decent EXP. I recommend a party for this map with a Kanna to increase spawn rate.


Lvl 185 – 200: Forsaken Excavation Site