Pierre has 2 phases and 3 different forms which can be determined by the color he is. Several hats will spawn around the map which fall in random locations that can land upon the player causing them to become binded. During the fight when he changes forms, the player will be equipped with either a red or blue hat. The first phase of the fight is simple enough but the second phase can be quite a challenge for new players alike. Below I will explain the 3 forms and the first and second phase of the fight.

Purple Pierre


This is the form Pierre will take on most during the first phase of the fight. This phase is fairly simple but can cast Reversal on the player, making dodging hats difficult.

  • Stabs you with his umbrella doing 50% of the players max HP.
  • Slaps you with umbrella doing about 10% of the players max HP.

Blue Pierre


When Pierre is in this form he will mark a player and follow them in a slow moving flaming tornado leaving behind small fires in his path. He loses all of his damage reduction in this form so you will do the most damage to him while he is blue. If the player has a blue hat, any damage done will heal. Alternatively, if wearing a red hat, damage will be doubled.

Red Pierre


Red Pierre is easily the most deadly form to inexperienced players. He disappears in a mist of red smoke and teleports to a random players location whacking the player 3 times instantly killing them. If the player has a red hat, any damage done will heal. Alternatively, if wearing a blue hat, damage will be doubled.

  • Teleports to a random players location and wacks 3 times dealing 50% of the players max HP for every strike. Although this attack may seem random, there are 3 ways to dodge it.
    • As soon as he disappears, he will attack randomly one of the spots the players were at when he vanished. Simply avoid those spots exactly and the player will not be hit. Pierre can also teleport to a dead players spot so avoid them as well.
    • Another way is to make sure you have odd health since each strike deals 50% damage leaving you with 1 health on the 2nd strike making you able to use potions through his attack.
    • The last way is one I do not recommend unless you have very fast reaction time is just waiting until he appears and quickly jumping/teleporting out of the way.

First Phase

As soon as you enter, Pierre will be in his purple form. For a portion of the battle, he will stay this color until his health drops below a certain point. While purple, one player can drag Pierre to either corner and tank his umbrella whacks by constantly using potions while the other players attack him. As soon as he reaches about 80% hp he will either change into blue or red Pierre. Refer to the sections above so you know what to do depending on the color he changes into. After a little while he will go back to purple form and repeat.

Second Phase

When Pierre has about 30% health left he will split into two Pierre’s of either red or blue making the fight much harder. He does not gain any new abilities but the hats that drop spawn at a much higher rate. About every 30 seconds the two Pierre’s switch colors but retain the same amount of health. To defeat Pierre, both of them must be killed within the time it takes for them to swap colors. If one is killed and the other isn’t before they swap colors, the killed Pierre will revive with 30% of its health.


  • The player that the Blue Pierre is focused on should always try to move in the opposite corner of where Red Pierre is.
  • Be mindful of the color hat Pierre has placed on the player as to not accidentally heal Pierre.
  • Try and lower the health bar of each Pierre as low as it can go before dealing the final blow. When at that point, have your entire team die in order to remove the hat Pierre has placed on the player and as soon as Pierre swaps, revive and focus on killing Red Pierre then Blue Pierre.