A soul weapon is a weapon that has been equipped with a Boss Soul (similar to nebulites, and you can have both a soul and a nebulite equipped in a weapon).

When you have a soul weapon equipped, the soul gauge will appear on your screen which shows how many souls your weapon has gathered. You can fill your soul gauge by defeating monsters, up to a cap of 1000 souls. The gauge doesn’t take too long to fill and is emptied when you unequip your soul weapon or log off.


Having a boss soul equipped confers 3 benefits:

  1. grants additional ATT/M.ATT based on the soul equipped and the current number of souls in your gauge (maxes out at 500/1000)
  2. passively grants additional stats based on the type of souls and its prefix
  3. allows you use a unique skill based on the soul equipped, consuming some of your gauge.

Obtaining a Boss Soul

When defeating a boss, they may drop Soul Shards.

When you have collected 10 soul shards from the same boss, you can double-click the pile of soul soul shards to receive a randomly prefixed soul for that boss. Depending on the prefix (ex. Potent Magnus, Beefy Magnus, Swift Magnus, etc), the soul will grant different stats when it is equipped in your weapon.

For some bosses, particularly higher level ones, you have a chance to receive a Magnificent soul, which appears at a much lower rate than the other prefixes. A Magnificent boss soul can grant more powerful passive stats (ex.+% Critical Rate) and its’ soul skill is upgraded.

Equipping a Boss Soul

Unlike many item enhancing options, there’s no risk to turning your weapon into a soul weapon and equipping a soul. Your weapon won’t be destroyed and equipped souls can be replaced at any time (though the current soul will be destroyed).

Before you can equip a boss soul in your weapon, you have to use a Soul Enchanter on it. These are sometimes dropped by mobs and bosses. It can also be bought from Mu Lung Dojo. Soul enchanters have no item destruction rate.


After successfully enchanting your weapon, just drag a boss soul from your inventory to an equipped weapon to equip it. Equipped souls can be replaced at any time (destroying the equipped soul) by dragging a new soul over the weapon.