Ghost Ship Exorcist Badge Guide

Go to the map Boat Quay Town located in Singapore. From there, talk to Ralph the Wanderer.
Complete the following quests:

The Secret of Ghost Ship

  • Kill 100 Pac Pinky
  • Kill 100 Slimy

Making the Path to the Sea

  • Kill 120 Slimy
  • Kill 120 Selkie Jr.

The Great Secret Reveals

  • Kill 300 Mr. Anchor
    • Reward: White Essence

White Essence is needed to summon Capt. Latanica.
Locate the Engine room which is found at the end of the Ghost Ship and summon Capt. Latanica by dropping the White essence in front of the door in the middle. After Capt. Latanica is defeated, he should drop two items, the Black Soul Essence, needed for the GSE Badge, and the Soul Lantern, needed for the Krexel quest line. Return to Ralph the Wanderer and turn in the quest to receive the GSE Badge.