The potential system is a bonus to item stats. That item will have a colored border around it based on the potential. The color corresponding to the rank is based on the higher rank out of normal potential but if either of them is unrevealed, the border will be red.

  • If the item has a red outline, it means it has hidden potential.
  • If the item has a blue outline, it’s a rare potential’d item.
  • If the item has a purple outline, it’s an epic potential’d item.
  • If the item has a yellow outline, it’s an unique potential’d item.
  • If the item has a green outline, it’s a legendary potential’d item.



There are 4 tiers of normal potential items and bonus potentials for weapons:

  • Level 0-30 gear items can get: 1% on rare, 2% on epic, 3% on unique, 6% on legendary
  • Level 31-70 gear items can get: 2% on rare, 4% on epic, 6% on unique, 9% on legendary
  • Level 71+ gear items can get: 3% on rare, 6% on epic, 9% on unique, 12% on legendary
  • Level 151+ gear items can 4% on rare, 7% on epic, 10% on unique, 13% on legendary


Potential Scrolls

An item without potential can gain potential using the following items:

  • Potential Scroll:
    • Potential is set to Rare
  • Advanced Potential Scroll:
    • Potential is set to Rare
  • Epic Potential Scroll:
    • Potential rank is set to Epic (usable on Rare rank potentials)
  • Unique Potential Scroll:
    • Potential rank is set to Unique (usable on Rare and Epic rank potentials)


Reset Potentials

You can reset potentials using the following items (Item rank can increase at a small chance, it will never decrease):

Types of cubes

  • Master Craftsman Cube (Usable from Rare to Unique)
  • Meister Cube (Usable from Rare to Legendary)
  • Red Cube (Usable from Rare to Legendary)
    • Can be bought from Cash Shop at 12m a piece or 1.2k Reward Points.
  • Black Cube (Usable from Rare to Legendary, choose between before or after potential)
    • Can be bought from Cash Shop at 24m a piece or 2.2k Reward Points.


Increasing Potential Lines

Items with potential will have either 2 or 3 lines of stat additions. You can increase the number of lines from 2 to 3 using the following items:

  • Silver Potential Stamp (50% pass)
  • Gold Potential Stamp (80% pass)


Potential Stats

Any of the following stats can be improved through potentials Stats, HP, MP, Accuracy, Avoid, Defense, Magic Defense, Speed, Jump etc.

Other possible benefits include: new skills, increase in damage, all skills get extra levels, ignore certain amount of damage by a certain % of chance, reflect damage, reduce abnormal status time, resistance increase.

Weapons, Emblems, and Secondary Weapon are the only items that can obtain Attack, Magic Attack, and other bonuses like:

  • Ignore monsters DEF  %
  • Boss Damage %
  • Damage %

Accessories (Ring, Pendant, Face, Eye, Earrings) are the only items that can obtain Meso Obtained % and  Item Drop Rate %

Gloves, Shoes, Bottom, Helmet can obtain special skills called Decent Skills.


  • Glove: Decent Sharp Eyes, Decent Speed Infusion
  • Shoes: Decent Haste, Decent Combat Orders
  • Overall/Bottom: Decent Hyper Body
  • Helmet: Decent Advanced Bless, Decent Mystic Door

Gloves can also obtain Min/Max Crit. Damage %

Items to Potential

Items you get that are not considered end game (Pensalir, certain rings, etc.) should only be cubed up to epic if they can be transferred to another possibly end game equipment. Reason being, if an item is transferred and its rank is unique or above it will automatically tier down to Epic.

End-game items that can be obtained early (Secondary, Badge, Emblem) should be cubed up to legendary as they won’t be changed out for better equipment.

If you are confused as to what to cube first this order can be followed:

Weapon > Secondary > Emblem > Badge > Everything else


Which Potentials

  • Weapons
    • Att/M.Att %
    • Boss Damage %
  • Secondary
    • Att/M.Att %
    • Boss Damage %
    • Ignore Enemy Defense %
  • Emblem
    • Att/M.Att %
    • Boss Damage %
    • Ignore Enemy Defense %
  • Gloves
    • Stat %
    • Min/Max Crit. Damage %
  • Everything Else
    • Stat %
    • Decent Skill (if needed)



How to get cubes in reboot

  • Buy Master’s from most general stores in towns.
  • Bosses sometimes drop Master or Meister Cubes.
  • Events.
  • Elite Boss Reward Box.
  • Mining Mysterious Veins.