Crimson Queen


Crimson Queen is a fairly easy boss that only has one phase through out the entire battle unlike other bosses. During the battle, she will switch between 4 different faces, each having its own unique attacks but all having a similar claw attack which inflicts different status ailments. Below, I will explain what each face does and the tactics to counter it.

Wrathful Crimson Queen



This is the first face she starts every battle with. After she changes her face it will randomly select one of the other 3.

  • Charges for a few seconds and unleashes a flame breath that can do 80,000 damage to the player, but is dispersed evenly among players hit by it (for example, if 2 players take damage, they will take 40,000 damage each).
    • To counter this have all of your party members group and tank the flame breath together in order to reduce the overall damage.


  • Ignites the player with a skull, dealing a certain amount of damage over time, and she can ignite repeatedly for additional damage.
    • To get rid of the DOT you can either die or get hit by her flame breath which removes it.
    • If a person is ignited, do not stand on them as you take damage from the flames on them.


  • Her claw attack limits your vision so you can only see a circle around you.
    • Not much you can do here except pray she doesn’t hit you with her flame breath and wait for it to run out.


Simmering Crimson Queen



  • Summons Chaos Heart Bombs Mob_Chaos_Heart_Bombwhich flies upward and will explode when the player goes near it, dealing 45% of your Max HP as damage and knocking you backwards into possibly more bombs.
    • When she does this attack she twirls her fingers and after 1 second, hearts start to appear. The hearts can be attacked to destroy them or either make sure your pet has auto hp on it or spam your pots as the hearts will likely kill you if you don’t.


  • Summons a Chaos Alluring Mirror Mob_Alluring_Mirror which can cause seduction which will force players to walk towards it, instantly killing them on contact and healing Crimson Queen.
    • As soon as she summons this mirror, it must be killed as soon as possible in order to avoid seduction of a party member.While the mirror is out she can still summon Chaos Heart Bombs.


  • Her claw attack causes Seal.
    • Drink an All-Cure to get rid of this.


Sorrowful Crimson Queen



  • Clasps her hands together to deploy a red bubble around her causing damage reflect.
    • Just don’t attack her when she does this.


  • Can cause Zombify to players.
    • Avoid being healed or using potions when Zombified in order to not die.


  • Her claw attack cause poison.
    • Heal through it but be wary of Zombify.


Joyous Crimson Queen



  • Summons a large dark field on the ground which sucks and slows the player, and inflicts continuous damage.
    • Simply jump or teleport out of the field.


  • Uses a vacuum breath to pull players towards her, killing them if they are too close.
    • Either run in the opposite direction of her or go behind her once she starts the vacuum animation.


  • Her claw attack cause Reversal.
    • This can ultimately lead to your death if you aren’t careful during this face. Reversal switches your controls which can make you think you are running away when in fact you are running towards her.